Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TV : So You Think You Can Dance

This is one of my favourite TV programs.
Not shown in my country, Malaysia (maybe the earlier seasons).
I think Malaysian TV thinks the dancers/dances are too saucy for our viewing !
Thanks to the Internet, I could still watch this good program.

No, I'm not a dancer.
Right, we all dancers but not all of us are professional dancers.

Anyway, the last season of SYTYCD was the 9th.
The winners were just announded a couple of weeks back.
One male dancer and one female dancer.

These are the last 4 dancers from Season 9.
2 of them were chosen as winners.

Why I love watching this program ?
Always love watching reality shows.
I dunno, I love watching the dramas. Ha ! Ha !
I love watching how people  strive to be perfect in what they love doing.
My life is so mundane, nothing to shout about.
These people are willing to go the extra mile to prove to everybody that they can reach to the top.
That's a feat not 'everyday people' would do.

It doesn't matter if most of people out there hate watching reality shows but i do.
It's my preference.

From season 9, there are some dance routines that I really love :
Enjoy the strength & beauty of these dancers !

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