Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel : Iran : Tehran (Part 2)

More of my photos that I took around Tehran back in May 2006.
Some night photos as well.
Anybody knows about the hostage incident in Tehran in the 70's ? Read about it on HERE.
If you don't know about what happened during the hostage incident in the 70's, then these photos wouldn't really mean anything to you guys.
I am not that old of course but when planning about my trip to Iran of course I read about all these things.

Also some night photos below.

You can see my other posts & photos around Iran on HERE.

Rest of my photos were taken at the main bus station where I waited for my bus to my next destination which was ESFAHAN.

So, make a trip to Tehran or Iran. Travel extensively.
If I could do it on my own, you could to !

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