Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Film : The Truman Show

One of my favorite movies is The Truman Show.
It's also one movie that I cry at the ending.
I'm not a fan of Jim carey.
Never liked his other movies prior to this & even after this movie.

I thought he's just great in this movie. Like the part was meant for him.

What's the movie about ?
 The movie is about a man who lives in a town where everybody is nice to him.
The whole town is nice.
he has a girlfriend.
He has a best friend.
He has a good job.
But he feels that he's stuck in the town.
Something is missing in his life.
Then, he plans to just go on holiday.
Get out from the town.
Get out from the mundane life.

The town is surrounded by sea.
The town is an island.
He tries to book the flight for a holiday but tickets sold out.
In fact, everybody in tyhe town prevents him from going out from the town.
They all say, the world out there is not safe.
He says if it's not safe then it's for him to decide.

So, one day he decides to just leave everything behind & 'run away'.
That means he has to get a boat to get out from the island.
One problem.
He's scared of water.
His father dies when he was young.

But his feeling of getting out from the town makes him  willing to overcome his water phobia.
He manages to set sail, by a yacht.
The thunderstorm comes & go, but he's hanging on.
He nearly dies.
But keeps on continuing his journey.
He wants to see 'the other side'.

Suddenly, his yacht hits a wall, huge walls.
He thinks it's the sky but it's a big wall.

A voice talks to him.
Calls him "Truman...".

Whose voice is that ?
Who exactly is truman ?

The movie starts a bit slow.
But eventually we, the audience starts to feel sorry for Truman.
We pity him.
Why do we pity him ?
Watch the movie !

I cry at the end of the movie because it reminds me of the people around me.
People who are friends but they are just actors.
They just want us to feel good about themselves.
So, they lie to us.

The movie ends when Truman chooses to see the real world than being stuck with imposters.
In this life, we can trust people but how much do we trust them ?

Watch this movie & decide for yourself.

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