Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel : Lebanon (2005)

I was in Lebanon in 2005, combined the trip with Syria, Jordan & Egypt.
Fly into Beirut (Lebanon).
Traveled around, fly home from Cairo (Egypt).

Well, it's not a life-changing journey but I learned many things about people.
Especially people who live in The Middle East.

Malaysia is an Islamic country too but Malaysia & its people are where I would call home.

This map below, created it to show my itineraries around Lebanon, before entering Syria.

Read the diary below of me traveling around Lebanon.

 5th April 2005 (Tuesday) : Flight from KL, stopped over in Dubai. 10 hours flight, smooth one. Arrived in Beirut at about 1.30 pm. Got lost looking for my hotel !
Meeting Riyad in Beirut; Dinner & talk...He's showing me around Beirut at night. We also went to Mr. Rafiq Hariri's tomb. Al-Fatihah...

6th April (Wednesday) : Morning bus to Tyre, although had to change bus at Sidon.
On the way back from Tyre, stopped in Sidon. Meeting Ibrahim, a tour guide; We decided to see The Beiteddine Palace.
Arrived at 8 pm in Beirut; Met up with Paul. Dinner with Paul near his university.

7th April (Thursday) : 10.30 am bus to Baalbek. Arrived at 1 pm. Seeing the ruins is just so amazing ! Night photos around Baalbek !

8th April (Friday) : First decided to go to Hermel but changed plan & on my own went to Aanjar instead 'cos it's on the way back to Beirut. Hermel is too further to the north almost near Syria. Safely back to Beirut.
Today is a busy day ! Meeting Riyad again at about 2.45 pm, first we went to Jeita Grotto, amazing caves ! Reminds me of Postojna Caves in Slovenia !
Then, we were off to Byblos (Jbail); Just enough times to take some photos around the old port.
Then, Riyad drove me to Tripoli & left me there around 7 pm; I explored the night life of Tripoli on my own.

9th April (Saturday) : In Tripoli & also my last day in Lebanon. In the morning went to see The Citadel, so huge !
Then, checking the souqs & The Grand Mosque.
Riyad came again with his twin brother. Us 3 drove to the scenic Liban-Nord (northern-Lebanon), passing through Bcharre. We were actually going to another highlight in Lebanon : Al Arz or also known as Cedars Of The Lord ! I stepped on my first solid snow ! Sliding down the hill & my bum was all wet !
We went back to Tripoli & they left me for good & I took the night bus (around 10 pm...) to Aleppo in Syria.

Lebanon could be a good tourist destination.
Sadly, there are more bad news for people to read because of the political situations there at the moment.
If you want to make it there, please read.
Prepare yourself of what's going to happen.
Reading would give you knowledge but being there & what you'll experience, you'll never know what's going to happen.

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