Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Film : It Happened One Night

This old classic Hollywood movie is from 1934.
I'm a sucker for black & white movies !
Just love watching the stories.
Love watching the actors/actresses doing their things in old movies.

Clark Gable &    Claudette Colbert.   
Well, screwball comedy, they called this then.
Something like silly comedy to us all these days.
I really like this movie.
There's a sweetness about it that I couldn't feel in romantic movies these days.
Both of them are just brilliant !
I'm too lazy writing what the story is about.
You can read about it on HERE.

Here's a scene from that movie.

If you like what you see, time to get it for yourself to watch at home !
Yes, you could download it from the Internet but remember in some parts of the worlds, downloading is a serious crime !

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