Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Trip Overview

I started traveling outside my country (Malaysia) in 2001. It was such a big step for me. I wanted to see the world. Maybe I started to get tired of seeing things around me. I was so ready.

2001 : Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg.
2002 : Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary.
2003 : Italy, Slovenia, Croatia.
2004 : England, Iceland, France.
2005 : Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt.
2006 : Cambodia, Iran.
2007 : India.
2008 : Uzbekistan.
2009 : China, Macau, Hong Kong.
2010 : Vietnam.
2011 : Turkey.
2012 : Indonesia (cancelled).

So many things that I saw.
So many things I experienced.
Some are good, some are bad.
I am just so proud of myself.
Saving money for each trip.

This photo was taken in India, on the train.
I was tired.
Dusts all over, sands all over.
But it was a bliss moment for me to travel around India alone for a month !

Traveling is pretty subjective.
Places that you want to see may not be the places  that your loved ones want to see.
The best way is ask yourself where to go.
I travel to places after watching photos or reading about those places.
It's more fun for me.
Because I expect the unexpected.
Some people do not expect anything but not for me.
Safety issue is important so I don't venture into the unknown.
Go to your book shops & browse travel books.
The more photos you see, the more places that you can pick for you to go to.
These are some good books for you to consider :

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