Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Travel : Iran : Persepolis (2006)

I made the trip to Iran in May 2006.
I was so excited going there, like not many people would want to go there.
I went there in the month when America was supposed to attack Iran !
Damn you America !

Friends advised me not to go because of the situation.
My answer to them, "If I don't go now I'll never go there !"

For a Malaysian, we can enter Iran without a visa.
We could stay there without visa for 14 days.
It was then, I don't know now in 2012.

Here's a gif map that I created, posted on my Live Journal page.
Looking at this map now, I praise myself for creating it.
Self-taught myself !

As you can see from the map, I travel almost all over Iran.
Yes, in 2 weeks !
I travel alone so it's easy to make decisions if I want to stay at one place a few days or just for a few hours.
The place that I want to share my photos with is called PERSEPOLIS.

I had 2 cameras with me.
A digital camera & an analog (film) camera.
Both are cheap cameras so no fancy photography from me.
I remember the sun was blindingly hot at Persepolis.
I hired a taxi to reach there & asked the taxi driver to wait for me for a few hours.
I remember him asking me for money while he was waiting for me.
(I was supposed to pay him after we finished the tour).
I asked him why.
He said that's the deal.
I didn't know that.
I realized in my subsequent trips that we have to pay the drivers if we ask them to wait for us.
Okay, the photos now.

Okay, enough showing you photos from Persepolis, Iran.
You can see LOTS more photos that I took in Persepolis from my pages in Live Journal.
Let me know, I'll give the links.

I think many people want to go to Iran.
Sadly the political situation scares people away.

Iran has many many places to see.
If you love ancieant civilization, like I do, you'll love Iran.

Proper planning is important in any trip.
So, read about Iran before reaching there.

People were generally friendly but I always took precautions, anywhere & everywhere when I was there.

I had my Lonely Planet guidebook with me, the best for me.

The great thing is to read about anciant civilizations in Iran.
Lots of things to know about.

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