Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travel : Belgium (2001)

Hey ! Hey ! 
My first European trip started here in Brussels, Belgium. 
Back in June 2001.
Prior to that, my flight had stopped in Zurich, where I went out of the flight to have a smoke while waiting for the passengers boarding for Brussels.

I arrived safely in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
Greeted by a friend, Patrick. 
But I somehow I felt that I was not too welcoming for him.
Feeling good, feeling great ! 

Patrick took me back to Antwerp 'cos that's where he's living. 
I rested for a while before we had to come back to Brussels to fetch another friend arriving from UK, Paul; Also known as Reg.

Patrick left me in Brussels with Reg (maybe Patrick was angry because I also asked another friend to come with me like I didn't trust him ?)
Well, it's no that I didn't trust him but it was my first trip, I was feeling scared of so many things.
It had got nothing to do with Patrick at all.
in fact, the main reason why I chose Belgium as my first European city to visit was to see him (he had visited me in Malaysia).
That was the last time I ever saw him in my life.
His choice.



Me & Paul checked in to our hotel (which Patrick had paid for) & started to explore the city ! 
Everything was new to me, feeling good about being a traveller, feeling good about being somewhere else, so far away from my own habitat.

Everything, the buildings, the streets, the people, the foods, the drinks amuse me.

From Brussels, we had excursions to Brugge, Ghent & Antwerp; before going to Amsterdam, spend our weekend there & came back down to Namur (in Belgium).



Me & Paul met up with my Internet friend who's a student living in Luvain la Neuve.

We even had the time to visit Villers-La-Ville as there's an old abbey there.
I was always a sucker for old ancient buildings !

Then to Luxembourg & back to Brussels & flew home.
Many memories for me, many sights were seen, many sins were committed ? Brussels started them all...





I still have some  photos that I could show but in other posts next time.

Some notable memories for me :
My cheap camera stopped to function ! I was damn angry !
Hence I took less photos.
Most of the photos were from Paul's camera.

We were in Namur & wanted to have lunch.
I didn't know that the foods at this super nice restaurant were all vegetables, like raw vegetables !
I felt like a goat chewing those green, red, blue, purple vegetables !

Most of the times when I was there, I felt blisters on my lips.
Maybe it's too windy & I didn't carry the right lip balm.
So, it's soreness on my lips for the duration of 10 days in this trip.

Belgium is such a beautiful country !
I am glad that I made a trip there.
Although wanted to see a friend who wasn't interested to see me, still it was god fun for me exploring the places around Belgium !
Amazing, amazing experience !

Anybody from Belgium ?
Give me a shout !
I sure like to visit your country again.

Anybody wants to visit this country must read about it.
My suggestions below.

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