Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Music : PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

My favorite album last yeas was Let England Shake by PJ Harvey.
The cover below.

PJ Harvey is not a new singer.
She's British & she has been releasing albums since like more than 10 years ago.
When this album was released last year, everybody gave good praises.
Me, I just wanted to wait.
I don't want a good album to be influenced by what other people say.
So, I started listening to it end of last year.
Just like all albums by PJ Harvey, it's not an easy album to listen to.
I mean she's not exactly singing pop music.
It's more indie pop than pop pop, you know.
What I like about this album is the war theme in all the songs.
There's a sombre feeling throughout the album.
I read it somewhere that PJ Harvey went to Gallipoli in Turkey & that inspired her to record the album.
You can read about Gallipoli & the big war that happened there on :

The album is not about what happened in Gallipoli but it carries the message about wars.
How wars affect people.
How wars are bad.

Watch & listen to some songs from this great album :

These 3 songs are also my favorites from the album.
PJ Harvey has since won numerous awards for this album.
Praises for her.

If you like what you hear, get it !

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