Thursday, October 4, 2012

Music : Sonic Youth - Goo

Sonic Youth is an alternative band from USA.
It's not a new band & they've been releasing records since 1980.
I remember reading about their records in music magazines but I couldn't get any of their records then before it's not available in my country, Malaysia.
I was like bawling, feeling angry of not able to listen to something that I wanted to.

Life before Internet was like that.
You read things in magazines & books but not able to actually touch 'the real thing'.

So, they signed to a major label & released an album called Goo.
It was released in my country & I got it right away !

At first, I hated it.
Simply because I had never heard anything so strange.
I mean it's a noisy record & I love noise in music but not musically strange noises !

The more I listened to it, the more I started to feel strange.
I was asking myself if this is what 'alternative' band was all about.
I mean radios won't play their music.

Anyhow, long story but now it remains one of my favorite albums.
The album just grows on me, again & again.

Watch some of these videos :

Okay, now what do you think ?
Certainly not for everybody, right ? Ha ! Ha !

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