Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel : Iran : Tehran (Part 1)

My trip to Iran is definitely one of the best trips for me.
It was back in May, 2006.
I did good research on the Internet.
In touch with some people, mostly students who could tell me a thing or 2 about their country.
As a Malaysian, I didn't need a visa to enter & could move around Iran for 2 weeks.

You can read & view photos of my trip around Iran on HERE.

Now, I'm showing photos that I took around Tehran.
Tehran is the capital.
Lots of people.
Women were covering themselves with black robes, though fringes of hair is permissible.
Foreign female tourists must cover their hair.
A colorful scarf is not a problem.

Sorry, I know my photography is not good.
I had 2 cameras.
A cheap film camera (yes, I even carried that).
A digital camera too.
I didn't care about 'tuning' those cameras to suit the condition of the lights, so you can see my photos are 'washed out'.

What do you think ?
In Tehran, I stayed with a 'plastic surgery' doctor.
He's a good host but mostly not at home.
He told he had another home where he would stay with his wife.
I didn't quite understand his explanation.
I didn't ask many questions either.

Have a trip to Iran.
Many things to see in Tehran too.

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