Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Art : Blood on a Letter

Right ! I just created another art.
Laugh at myself but I kinda of enjoying it.
So, again for another art blog.
There are 5 photos alltogether.

The story :
Somebody writes a letter to another somebody, maybe a lover.
Suddenly, the bad guy comes from behind.
Scuffles ensue.
Spilling the ink on the unfinished letter.
Then, loud bang !
Brains on the wall.
Part of it on the letter.
Sorry, for being so gory...
But please read on.

Bad guy escapes (I hate it !).

Photo 1 : A few hours after the murder happened. Ink still fresh.
Brains still fresh ! (eeeeuuuw !)

 Photo 2 (above) : Taken after a few days later. The blood has dried. Letter has turned to white from pink.
Photo 3 (above) : Almost everything is drying. Blurry.

Photo 4 (above) : The writing is dissipating.
Photo 5 (above): Still can see but getting more smudges.
So, what's so spooky about these photos ?
Well, the paper of the letter remains white forever !
(I can hear some of you are laughing but it's okay...)

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Thank you.


  1. Now that is wicked!! thanks for sharing with us at Happy Daze.

  2. wow....thank you for playing along with us at Happy Daze, xx