Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Cube : Mirror Bump Cube Clock Designs

The next cube that I created is the Mirror Bump Cube with Clock designs.
I love this cube but I just want to have a different variation of it.

My Cube : 2x2 Faux Metal

Been busy creating/modifying my cube collections.
I grew tired of getting new cubes, learning to solve them.
I thought why couldn't I create more variations of the cubes that I love.
Instead of looking at the stickers or shapes to solve them, I could create more variations hence creating more difficulties to solve them.
More time to solve them too.

So I did just that.
I created a few but some are just too bad to show them off.

If interested, please get it on EBAY.
What do you think, let me know.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Art : Blood on a Letter

Right ! I just created another art.
Laugh at myself but I kinda of enjoying it.
So, again for another art blog.
There are 5 photos alltogether.

The story :
Somebody writes a letter to another somebody, maybe a lover.
Suddenly, the bad guy comes from behind.
Scuffles ensue.
Spilling the ink on the unfinished letter.
Then, loud bang !
Brains on the wall.
Part of it on the letter.
Sorry, for being so gory...
But please read on.

Bad guy escapes (I hate it !).

Photo 1 : A few hours after the murder happened. Ink still fresh.
Brains still fresh ! (eeeeuuuw !)

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Art : Army

Just a few more I created !
Enjoy doing these.
Hope you enjoy looking at them too ?
I also make a few variations.
A few more below :

My Art : Just Another One

Just another silly 'artwork' from me.

It's nice making computer art like this.
You'll never know unless you try.
But don't take too much time doing it.

My Art : Born to Die

Just another 'bad art' from me.
Influenced by Lana Del Rey's Born to Die album.

This is one of my favorite albums this year.
Most people hate it anyway.
I like Lana.
There's a somber mood throughout the album.
I know the lyrics are just bad, little girl stuff.
Watch the videos below :

My Art : SDC68: Weather

Created this for a blog.
Just showing my arty side.

I like the wet paper as the background.
I also like the image being disintegrated by the weather through time.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel : Uzbekistan (2008)

I was in Uzbekistan in 2008.
Where is this country, I heard most of you are asking.
Here's the map :

I had to go there because I love ancient history.
This is what I wrote in my other blog page :

"The Hot & Historical Uzbekistan"

I was in Uzbekistan in June, 2008.
Avoid this month as the heat is pretty unbearable !
I could actually feel my head burning underneath my smelly cap !


History-wise, I went to Samarkhand, Bukhara & Khiva.
3 main old cities where the ancient sites are renovated for mass tourism.

The most impressive for me is the day trip from Khiva to Elliq-Qala.
There should be more than 50 fortresses which lie around the region but only a handful which are still visible through their crumbling outer walls.
Quiet impressive really.

Music : Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore – Yokokimthurston

In my previous post, I was telling you guys about the band Sonic Youth, releasing an album called Goo back in 1990.

Now, in 2012, 2 band members from Sonic Youth : Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore just released an album called Yokokimturston, the cover above.
It's a collaboration with Yoko Ono (you know, John Lennon wife).

Goodness me !
This album is freakingly strange !
It's so strange & this is my recview :

Music : Sonic Youth - Goo

Sonic Youth is an alternative band from USA.
It's not a new band & they've been releasing records since 1980.
I remember reading about their records in music magazines but I couldn't get any of their records then before it's not available in my country, Malaysia.
I was like bawling, feeling angry of not able to listen to something that I wanted to.

Life before Internet was like that.
You read things in magazines & books but not able to actually touch 'the real thing'.

So, they signed to a major label & released an album called Goo.
It was released in my country & I got it right away !

At first, I hated it.
Simply because I had never heard anything so strange.
I mean it's a noisy record & I love noise in music but not musically strange noises !

The more I listened to it, the more I started to feel strange.
I was asking myself if this is what 'alternative' band was all about.
I mean radios won't play their music.

Anyhow, long story but now it remains one of my favorite albums.
The album just grows on me, again & again.

Watch some of these videos :